Platform and Policies


  • strengthen compliance and monitoring systems
  • protect waterways through making water quality and water security a core part of strategic policy
  • collaborate with central and local government to strongly support forthcoming changes to water legislation
  • partner with iwi & hapu to support kaitiakitanga initiatives and Te Mana o te Wai
  • support citizen science initiatives at grass roots including education and community monitoring


  • inform and engage our most vulnerable communities now
  • co-design responses with communities in partnership
  • review all policy through a climate change lens
  • collaborate with local and central government across the region and iwi and hapu groups
  • support sustainable economic development
  • advocate for resources – Regional Government cannot tackle this alone!


  • encourage local and regional trade
  • diversify to support emerging industries like digital services, software and creative technology
  • support innovation in traditional industries to encourage higher value product creation and trade and assist with environmental compliance
  • economic policy – including investment – is measured by social and environmental outcomes as well as having commercial integrity
  • future-proof the economy against technological change and the impact of climate change – invest in this area now