Creative Practitioner

Dr Buxton’s creative practice intersects her spiritual practice and is focused on exploring the themes of portals, parallel realities, consciousness, interconnection and place. Within this practice, she weaves between the roles of creative practitioner, producer, curator and transdisciplinary facilitator.

Platforms include immersive public installations, gallery-based works, publications and social media portals (Instagram, Youtube and TikTok). Her work is expressed through image, poetry, facilitated experiences (eg innovation labs), videography and curated gallery exhibitions.

FoAM Brussels helped her integrate her lifelong crafting/making/art practice into other ways of being in the world. Residencies and partnerships with them on events and projects were a catalyst for the last fifteen years of work in AwhiWorld and for her PhD Research.

Through her relationship with FoAM, she began research into a number of transdisciplinary practices and fields, some of which are recorded in the (now inactive) research blog un-fiction.

Since that time, via her company AwhiWorld, she has partnered with a number of individuals and organisations, including her talented partner Kim Newall to create magical experiences that activate portals and reveal parallel realities. Nearly all of this work has been site-specific, public spaces, many of which need love and attention.

Please go to the AwhiWorld site to see details of these projects, events, workshops and exhibitions.

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