Dr Maggie Buxton is a transdisciplinary practitioner, educator, writer and consultant.

Her work exists at the intersection of experience design and experimental art, community development, ecological activism, earth-based spiritual practice, applied human geography, experiential education, developmental psychology, poetry, process facilitation and systemic consulting.

Recurring themes of her poems, installations, consulting assignments and community projects include portals, parallel universes, alternative realities, systemic innovation, heterotopia, liminality, magic and the spirit and spirits of place.

About Me


For thirty years, Maggie has been developing people, organisations and places. She’s assisted them to step through metaphoric portals into alternative realities they’ve envisioned for themselves.  Her clients have included educators, artists, indigenous leaders, corporate and NGO managers, and politicians. 

Maggie’s work has taken her to ecovillages in West Africa and Latin America, social enterprises and spiritual communities in Scotland, climate change initiatives in Beijing and Singapore, art collectives in Brussels, and political and corporate institutions across Europe. In the last few years, projects have centred on supporting indigenous leaders and their organisations in Northland, New Zealand.

Creative Practitioner

In a parallel universe, for the past fifteen years, Maggie has engaged more literally with portals via her creative innovation studio, AwhiWorld (pronounced aafi-world). AwhiWorld emerged out of her cross-disciplinary PhD which researched how best to support the spirit of place using a range of tools including emerging technologies and new art practices.

Within this, transdisciplinary practice, Maggie has become a leader in creating community-based, technology-enabled, experiences that support the spirit of people, places and spaces. Installations have included work with creative technologies such as augmented reality, projection mapping, smart textiles and interactive sensors. Much of AwhiWorld’s work has been in partnership with creative technologist Kim Newall. She regularly consults within the creative technology area (for educational institutions and private companies) and is invited to speak on this topic on expert panels and for various industry events.

Spiritual Mentor

Learning and experiencing a wide variety of faiths and spiritual orientations have allowed Maggie, to engage with the realities of various people(s) and beliefs. For example, she was part of the greater Findhorn Community in Scotland for five years, working for Findhorn College and consulting with the Findhorn Foundation and the many smaller organisations that make up that famous spiritual site. Maggie has also been part of other communities: art collectives, counselling and not-for-profit groups, Buddhist, Pagan and Christian meditation circles.

She has run a number of personal and spiritual growth programmes around the world, particularly for women. The blog ‘make | think | be‘ celebrates and shares this area of my life and provides a portal through to courses and coaching programmes that are run regularly throughout the year.

Educator| Coach

Facilitating development has been at the core of her thirty years of practice. For the past eleven years, she’s worked as a tertiary educator, including lecturing in and designing curriculum for the Design and Creative Technologies Faculty of AUT University (Colab) (2011 – 2017) as well as teaching for NZ’s Media Design School (2015) and Manukau Institute of Technology School of Business (2008 – 2011).

Her qualifications include a transdisciplinary PhD from AUT University, Auckland NZ, and an MSc from Sheffield Business School in Organisational Development and Consulting.

She also has a strong arts and humanities background including an undergraduate BA degree in Politics and Education.

Scholarships and awards have included a Fulbright Scholarship (2015), Dean’s Award, and Class Leader Award for her Master’s Degree.

Maggie’s work in the world uses a diverse range of tools and technologies, incorporating formal training in NLP (Master Practitioner), appreciative inquiry, group dynamics, process consulting, client-centred counselling, accelerated learning, values-based consulting transformational education,  action inquiry and team and organisational supervision.  

Community Service

Maggie has a lifelong passion for community service, and throughout her life has volunteered in (and given pro bono consulting to) community organisations and not for profits – particularly those in the arts, environment and wellbeing areas. Governance roles include Youthline, ADA Aotearoa Digital Arts and Northland’s Chamber of Commerce. She is the co-founder and leader of the Creative Technology Northland Network.


Please send me a message to connect.

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