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I am a cross-disciplinary creative practitioner, producer, facilitator, educator, company director, and consultant.

My arts organisation AwhiWorld designs leading edge collaborative and interactive experiences that support the spirit of people, places and spaces. AwhiWorld emerged out of my cross-disciplinary PhD which researched how best to support the spirit of place using a range of tools including emerging technologies and new arts practices. I have a strong track record of creating innovative community enabling site specific creative works.

I also have over 25 years of working in NZ and globally to support a range of people, organisations and projects in the arts, environmental, social and political spheres. This includes ecovillages in West Africa and Latin America; social enterprises and spiritual communities in Scotland; climate change and environmental sustainability initiatives in Beijing and Singapore; experimental artists in Brussels and large political and corporate institutions across Europe.

My qualifications are in development and innovation with a PhD in Creative Technology (AUT) and an MSc from Sheffield Business School in Organisational Development. I also have a strong arts and humanities background including an undergraduate degree in Politics and Education.

I grew up in a small NZ community where people helped others when times were hard. This fostered a life-long passion for community service – including governance experience. For many years I have volunteered in (and given pro bono consulting to) community organisations and not for profits – particularly those in the arts, environment and wellbeing areas. My first governance role was the Management Committee of Youthline in my early 20’s. In addition to coaching local leaders in not for profits and mentoring creatives, I currently Co-Chair of ADA Aotearoa (a NZ national organization promoting digital arts), co-instigator and convenor of the Creative Technology Northland Network and a Advisory Committee Member for NorthTec Arts, Whangarei.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others through speaking, writing and teaching and have spent the last ten years working part time in tertiary education including teaching creative technologies at AUT Colab and Media Design School and teaching business at Manukau Institute of Technology.


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