Additional and Interesting

Additional experience

Researching and recommending social policy (e.g. affordable housing, sustainability education).

Mediating personal and organisational disputes.

Designing and delivering public and private workshops for managers and consultants in leadership; strategy; internal branding and organisational cohesion; conflict facilitation; organisational development; complexity thinking; critical reflection; facilitation; coaching; personal awareness and communication skills.

Facilitating personal development workshops for women.

Counselling and mentoring young adults in inter and intra personal communication; leadership and self-awareness.

Organising and facilitating events, workshops and conferences: Asia Europe Foundation Climate Change Summit (Beijing, 2008); Luminous Green Transdisciplinary Summit, ISEA (Singapore, 2008); Luminous Green Transdisciplinary Workshops (Brussels, 2007); Eco-Sapiens-SCANZ (New Plymouth, 2011); and the International Organisational Transformation Conference (2004, Findhorn, Scotland).

Additional education

Team and Organisational Supervision

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (to Master Practitioner Level)

Accelerated Learning

Group Dynamics & Conflict Facilitation



Social Complexity Facilitation (Cynefin Framework)

Appreciative Inquiry

CTT Values Training