Governance, Leadership & Other Experience

Co- instigating and facilitating Creative Technology Northland Network

Board member ADA Aotearoa Digital Arts Network

Learning and Advisory Committee Member North Tech Arts

Co and lead facilitation on cross-disciplinary events, workshops and conferences :

Researching and recommending social policy (e.g. affordable housing – Findhorn Community Association).

Designing and delivering public and private workshops in leadership; power and rank dynamics; strategy; internal branding and organisational cohesion; conflict facilitation; organisational development; complexity thinking; critical reflection; facilitation; coaching; personal awareness and communication skills.

Facilitating personal development workshops for women (including Findhorn Foundation)

Training organisations (and their leaders) in diversity, anti-bullying and harassment, power and rank awareness, privilege and conflict management.

Counselling and mentoring young adults in inter and intra personal communication; leadership and self-awareness.