B27cCjsCAAA-yIs.jpg large I am a mixed reality producer, educator, researcher , speaker, writer, and consultant.

My passion is fostering shifts in perspective and creating bridges between worlds using innovative, creative and holistic methods, tools and practices.

I have worked around the world in many different contexts:  grass-roots and indigenous communities in Senegal, Gambia, Mexico and New Zealand; eco-villages in rural Scotland; social enterprises in the UK; experimental art/cultural collectives in Brussels; transdisciplinary groups in Beijing and Singapore; and political institutions and corporates across Europe.

Much of my work has involved facilitating development: individual/personal through to organisational and community level strategic initiatives.

I am interested in how people, places and systems can develop critical awareness and step into more whole versions of themselves. One way this can happen is through changing our stories about ourselves, each other and the world.

Stories shape lives and change futures. In order to create new stories for ourselves and our communities we need to expose ourselves to new worlds, disrupt patterns of thinking and develop critical awareness.

For me, this means mixing different types of realities together: art practices, emerging technologies, random events, meaningful rituals, disruptive literature, strange encounters, deep dialogue….whatever it takes.

The world is changing – fast. Some people see that as a bad thing. I see it as an opportunity – a portal to a new way we can be together in the world, and with the world.