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I am a producer, consultant, teacher and creative technologist.

I creatively blend leading edge tools and technologies (including augmented reality and geo locative mobile apps) with my background in facilitation and coaching (28 years), project management (20 years) and organizational and community consulting (17 years).

I feel privileged to have produced a number of successful events, publications and creative experiences in a wide variety of contexts. This includes working with eco-village communities in West Africa, Latin America and North East Scotland, social enterprises in the UK, experimental designers and artists in Brussels, climate change initiatives in Beijing and Singapore and large political and corporate institutions across Europe.

My work takes me across cultural, national, organizational and disciplinary boundaries in partnership with a wide variety of groups including indigenous organizations, senior/elder institutions, maker groups, activists, entrepreneurs and experimental artists.

My educational background is cross-disciplinary. I have a PhD in Creative Technologies from AUT University (where I was the recipient of a 2015 Fulbright Travel Award and Deans Award). I have an MSc in Organizational Development and Consulting (Distinction) from Sheffield Business School, and a BA in Political Studies and Education from Auckland University.

Please send me a message if you are interested in speaking engagements, coaching, consulting and/or collaborating…