A bit about me….

I would describe myself as a practitioner, maker, producer & investigator.

I facilitate stories, ways of knowing and realities. I do this by creatively using emerging technologies (like augmented reality mobile) within a twenty-five year professional practice of consulting, leadership coaching, project management and training.

My areas of expertise are systemic consulting, strategic facilitation, learning and development and place making. Clients have included ecovillage communities in West Africa, Latin America and North East Scotland; social enterprises and spiritual communities in Scotland; experimental designers and artists in Brussels and New Zealand; climate change initiatives in Beijing and Singapore; and large political and corporate institutions across Europe.

I continue to work as a freelance trainer, consultant and coach in these areas while also developing my company AwhiWorld. (pronounced aafi for those not used to Maori spelling). AwhiWorld is a creative technology production company that designs immersive and interactive experiences that support the spirit of people, places and spaces.

AwhiWorld emerged out of my PhD which pragmatically explored the potential for emerging technologies to support the spirit of place. (Go ahead and read bits of it – I’m quite proud that it is readable!)

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others through speaking, writing and teaching and have spent the last ten years working part time in tertiary education including AUT Colab.

I do a lot of community work. In addition to coaching leaders of not for profits, I am currently a Board Member of ADA Aotearoa (a NZ organization promoting digital arts), co-instigator and convenor of the Creative Technology Northland Network and a Local Advisory Committee Member for NorthTec, Whangarei. In addition to all of that – I engage in a making practice that is a bit mad and magical and can be seen through my HackWitch Instagram Page.

Contact me if you are interested in speaking engagements, coaching, consulting and/or collaborating.